Life Insurance Quotes | Need Life Insurance

Life Insurance Quotes | Need Life Insurance
Life Insurance Quotes | Need Life Insurance

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Remember kids, I have life insurance

If there is anyone dependent on your income - parents, children, relatives - you need life insurance.

If a child, a spouse, a life partner, or a parent depends on you and your income, you need life insurance.

If you move or get married, that has to be changed with HR, payroll, medical insurance, life insurance, etc. It is a huge administrative headache that requires a full-time staff.

Life insurance became popular only when insurance companies stopped emphasizing it as a good investment and sold it instead as a symbolic commitment by fathers to the future well-being of their families.

I want to be clear here: It does not matter what you say in your will or trust; the beneficiary document attached to your IRA accounts and your life insurance policy overrides what you say elsewhere. If you want to change the beneficiary, you must change the beneficiary document.

For almost seventy years the life insurance industry has been a smug sacred cow feeding the public a steady line of sacred bull.

My wife bought an extra life insurance policy on me.

It's very easy for trusted companies to mislead naive customers, and life insurance companies are trusted.

My father had not even completed high school when he started as an office boy working for the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, and I am not sure that my mother completed high school.

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